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About me

Lives in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Picture book writer. painter. Painting.

​ Draw illustrations and pictures.

We accept work requests.





*神戸 Gallery Vie 絵話塾にて 絵本創作を学ぶ





*第4回 絵本出版賞審査員特別賞受賞

*第6回 絵本出版賞大賞受賞


ピンポイントギャラリー 2023年100人展「友 tomo」

The flow from request to delivery is as follows.

(1) Consultation (email or phone)

(2) Research (I would like to ask you specifically about your desired image)

(3) Contract establishment

(4) Submission of rough draft (proposal of uncolored image)

(5) Production

(6) Delivery

The production period will vary depending on the content of your request.

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