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Picture book works co-published so far.


"Midnight's highlights"

​ Midnight when my house was asleep. A mysterious night when the refrigerator door pops open and something happens. Invite you to the world of imagination that spreads from the darkness.

​ <Age target: From infants to adults>

"Queen of the Queen  "

​ The sequel to "Midnight's Great Place". The refrigerator door may open again and delicious food may pop out. Invitation to the country of sweets where selfish egg queens and strange aristocrats are waiting!

​ <Age target: From infants to adults>


"Going to a skinny and gully dance party"

The strangers who move in the dark may be in the immediate vicinity of you.

Why don't you take a look at the daily lives of hard-living bones in a world unknown to humans?

​ Gentle and dandy skinny and messy and lovely Garry go to a dance party for the first time. What will happen?

​ This is a picture book I want to read for Halloween.

<Age target: From brave elders to adults>

"Aiueo no Ehon"

An educational picture book with fun illustrations of colorful animals and rhyming rhythms.

​ Perfect for children who are beginning to get interested in hiragana.

<Age target: In addition to infants

For adults who like painting>

"Akazukin "

​ The story of the Grimms' Fairy Tales that everyone knows. The combination of traditional fairy tales and original illustrations has made it a compact picture book.

​ The whole story is hiragana, so any child who can read hiragana can read it. It is also perfect for reading aloud to adults.

​ <Age target: From infants to adults>


​ "Momotaro" ​

We have added colorful and fun illustrations to familiar old tales.
A short, rhythmic sentence is attached,
It is perfect not only for reading aloud, but also for reading by yourself.

​ <Age target: From infants>

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